Bring back the joy in your ride!

A vehicle is like your home away from home, fully vested with all the pride and dignity of your real home. It's a place that's fully your own, giving you a sense of freedom, control, and excitement. Keeping your vehicle clean will ensure that you'll keep looking forward to climbing in!

Hearthstone's affordable and convenient at-home Vehicle Washing and Detailing is a comprehensive and flexible service that provides a range of services intended to enhance your enjoyment of your vehicle while protecting its value. It can be ordered by itself or included as part of your regular housekeeping.

You'll save time and energy while working with a company and crew that understands how much your vehicle means to you.

About the service:

Service is provided at an hourly rate meaning that you can choose how deep a cleaning you would like to have. You'll have a chance to order only services you want, from a full detailing of the interior, vaccuuming of upholstery, cleaning and polishing of windows, shampooing upholstery, to touch-up painting and bumper sticker removal. We bag all the trash but don't remove it from the vehicle to ensure that important items are not lost. We always chamois dry and hand polish wheels and chrome, and can apply wax and tire shine.

Pricing and payment:

►All services: $18.66/hour
►Touch-up paint procurment fee: $20.00 (if you don't already have it)

*one hour minimum purchase applies

Now that I've scheduled my cleaning, what should I do to prepare?

It's best to remove large amounts of personal belongings from inside the vehicle. While not necessary, doing so can reduce the time necessary to clean your vehicle by as much as 25%.

Do I need to be with my vehicle at the time of service?

Not at all! You can arrange with your Sales Representative how we can gain access to the interior of your vehicle or garage, if needed.. This can also be arranged through our online order system. Imagine coming home to your vehicle, sitting in your garage, shining clean!

Can Hearthstone clean my vehicle at a non-residential address?

No, unfortunately, adequate access to water and electrical sources and waste water removal infrastructure is necessary. Water usage restrictions may also apply.


For further questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us.