Congratulations on your upcoming move!

Saying good-bye to your old home leaves you with a lot to think about. It can mean the beginning of a new chapter of your life with new memories to be made and new friends to meet. Hearthstone can help you focus on what's important without having to worry about details like cleaning and logistics.

Our Move-Out Cleaning is a flexible, comprehensive service that provides a thorough, top-to-bottom cleaning of the entire interior of your former home with convenient options such as complimentary Key Return, optional Haul Away Service for any items you won't be taking with you, and 30-day billing!

You'll save time and energy without having to worry about your cleaning deposit.

What's included:

• optional complimentary Key Return to your landlord, realtor, or buyer
• shampoo carpets and clean floors
• clean stove and oven
• defrost freezers
• wash windows, frames, and blinds
• clean all fixtures, mirrors, grout, showers, and tubs
• clean walls, counter tops, drawers, cabinets, and baseboards
• clean in and under refrigerator
• clean behind and under laundry machines
• clean basement and garage
• clean light fixtures, fans, vents externally, heating registers
• remove ash and clean fireplaces
• all other spot cleaning and polishing as needed until the home shines

*exterior cleaning also available

Some items may be included at an additional cost, such as:

• Haul Away Service for items and waste that you won't be taking with you
• cleaning of chandeliers
• cleaning of hot tubs and pools
• cleaning of indoor kennels
• cleaning of attics
• other items requiring extensive cleaning

*add'l charges estimated according to an hourly rate
**disposal fees may apply

Some items can't be serviced at all, such as:

• clean-up after pests, infestations, mold, and in homes with infectious diseases
• clean-up of hazardous materials
• removal of paint and oil spills
• clean up after smoke, fire, or water damage

Pricing and payment:

Your final price will be based on the lesser of:

The actual time required for the service x $18.66/hour + any disposal fees


Base-rate + price per sq. ft. + any add'l hourly costs + any disposal fees

►Base-rate: $186.20

Prices per square foot:

►Indoor finished, carpeted areas with carpet schampooing: 2.7¢/sq.ft.
►Indoor finished, carpeted areas without carpet schampooing: 2.3¢/sq.ft.
►Indoor finished, uncarpeted areas: 2.3¢/sq.ft.
►Indoor unfinished areas: 1.1¢/sq.ft.

Prices per hour:

►Exterior areas: $18.66/hour
►Items requiring extensive cleaning such as pools/chandeliers: $18.66/hour
►Haul-Away Service: $18.66/hour

*disposal fees may apply if Haul-Away Service is ordered

Example 1:

The client has a 650 square foot apartment. The floors are about 80% carpeted and are going to be schampooed. The unit has no exterior areas that will need to be cleaned except the exteriors of the windows, which is included.

Price calculation:

$186.20 base-rate
+ 2.7¢/sq.ft.x520 sq.ft. for the carpeted, schampooed areas
+ 2.3¢/sq.ft.x130 sq.ft. for the uncarpeted areas =

$203.23 final price

Example 2:

The client has a 4500 square foot house that is 40% carpeted. The carpets won't be schampooed at the client's request. However, there is a yard that will be raked, patio areas that will be cleaned up, and an unfinished basement and garage that will be cleaned. The basement and garage total 1450 square feet and the exterior areas require 2.0 hours to clean. The home contains a large, ornate chandelier and a hot tub which require 3.2 hours to clean, combined. There are also some left-over belongings in the home, much of which is just trash that needs to be taken to a waste management facility. It takes 5.4 hours to clear away those belongings and there is a $32 disposal fee.

Price calculation:

$186.20 base-rate
+ 2.3¢/sq.ft.x4500 sq.ft. for the finished, interior areas
+ 1.1¢/sq.ft.x1450 sq.ft. for the unfinished, interior areas
+ $18.66/hourx2.0 hours for the exterior areas
+ $18.66/hourx3.2 hours for the hot tub and chandelier
+ $18.66/hourx5.4 hours for the Haul-Away Service
+ $32 disposal fee =

$535.45 final price

Example 3:

The client has a 6200 square foot house that is 55% carpeted. The carpets will all be schampooed. There are no left-over belongings and the client has already taken care of all the exterior spaces. At the client's request, the garage will be left as-is and looks very clean anyway.

Price calculation:

$186.20 base-rate
+ 2.7¢/sq.ft.x3410 sq.ft. for the carpeted, finished, interior areas
+ 2.3¢/sq.ft.x2790 sq.ft. for the uncarpeted, finished, interior areas =

$342.44 calculated price

However, the entire service only required 9.2
hours to complete.
So the client only pays:

9.2 hours x $18.66/hour=

$171.67 final price


Now that I've scheduled my cleaning, what should I do to prepare?

Simply remove all of your belongings and leave the dust and dirt. If you find that you need to leave some belongings or large amounts of trash, ask about our Haul Away Service!

But how will Hearthstone gain access to my home when I'm not there?

Your Sales Representative will discuss all the necessary details with you about the key to the property and your security system, if you have one. This can also be arranged through our online order system. We can even return your key to your realtor or landlord for you at no extra charge!

For further questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us.