Our mission

Our company is the second iteration that our owner has founded. The first was created by our owner, a 36-year resident of Colorado, in north western Kentucky during a six-year residency he enjoyed there. He credits his time in Kentucky for his current passion for the cleaning industry. While he was there, he learned a lot about new ways of doing business and providing service, in part due to the fact that residential cleaning is much more a part of the Kentucky way of life than it is here in Colorado.

While business is often marked by a rushed and unsustainable march towards profit, our owner believes that a slower and more thoughtful approach based on good relations with clients, business partners, and personnel will provide all involved with a more peaceful and enjoyable existence. So, founded in 2002, Hearthstone Residential Cleaning LLC took on the mission to show that our relationship-based business model has merit and can be as rewarding as any other, especially to our clients!